Coron: Day 1

I woke up in the morning a bit stressed. My week was too full. I didn’t even have time to pack! I hurriedly took a bath, ate breakfast and finished packing. My excitement far exceeded my stress. By 9:15 am, we were already heading to the airport. Aaaaaah… So excited!!!

Here is our Day 1 at Coron:

11:00 am  flight to Busuanga

The plane is considerably small so expect a couple of bumps upon departure and upon arrival. The flight itself was fine though. Plus the view will definitely make up for the bumps.

Tip: Take the window seat!

12:30 pm  arrival at the Francisco B. Reyes airport


Coron Eco Lodge, where we stayed at, arranged airport transfer for us for P150 per person. We were picked up by a pleasant kuya Efren and another hotel staff. The ride to town takes 30-45 minutes.

01:15 pm  arrival at Coron Eco Lodge


We were warmly greeted by the lady at the front desk upon arrival. Iced tea was served for all guests as well. After checking in, a hotel staff led us to our room, even helping us with our luggage. What a good first impression they make!

02:00 pm  lunch at Lolo Nonoy’s


Lolo Nonoy’s was two short blocks away from the hotel. We ordered two portions of chicken curry and one menudo. With two cups of rice and two soft drinks, our meal cost us only P250. The food was good too. Definitely value for your money.

03:00 pm  walk around town

We walked around town and found out that Coron is very small. We had everything we needed near our hotel. Restaurants, mini marts, a bakery, a pharmacy, a bank, a boutique, a gym, even a small salon. It is nice how everything seems so laid back in Coron. If you come from a big city and you need a break, you’d love it here!

04:00 pm  nap

06:00 pm meet with tour guide to arrange island hopping

My friend Jazz who came to Coron a few months ago recommended that I take on ate Rowena as a tour guide. I called ate Rowena and later on met with her to arrange our itineraries.

07:00 pm  dinner at Sinugba sa Balay


Dinner was at Sinugba sa Balay.


The menu was categorised into “shared” and “solo”. We chose to go with “solo” and ordered the Sagisi steak and Pork Teriyaki. When our orders were served, we were surprised at how big the serving was. And yes, it was delish! Sinugba sa Balay is currently #2 on Tripadvisor’s list of Coron restaurants and they got good reviews. Well, they surely did not disappoint! On top of the big serving and the delicious food, a man went up a small stage, sang and played some music for us on guitar. We had quite a nice time at Sinugba sa Balay!


– Unless you’re really famished, you can share a dish. One “solo” order can be good for two persons.

– Apply some insect repellant before you go. There were quite a lot of mosquitoes you can do without.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and got some coffee at Calle Real for a nightcap.

It’s only our first day but we already love it here. One day down, five more to go!


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