How To Cope With PMS

PMS makes up the worst days of a girl’s month.

If you’re a husband and your wife is PMS-ing, I advise you to RUN! Run as far away from your wife as possible. If you fail to do that, then you might as well be as thoughtful and considerate towards her. Otherwise, everything you say and do can and will be used against you!

For the PMS-ing wife who, on a Monday morning, has gone to work early, get out of the office and lock yourself in your car. Cry out all your freaking pent up emotions.



And when you’ve cried it all out, watch an episode of your favorite Kdrama.



Now, go to Starbucks and treat yourself to a venti iced caramel macchiato. Drink up!



Finally, go back to work. Even when you feel like all hell has broken loose, you still don’t get a “no-work-since-I-have-PMS” pass.



My Favorite 2014 Kdramas

I don’t know how I got so addicted to watching Kdramas. I remember my first watch was Rooftop Prince, and apparently I just never stopped watching one drama after another!

I like them funny. I like them romantic. So here’s a few of my favorites this 2014:

My Love From Another Star

Do Min Joon, an alien who has been living among humans for some four hundred years, falls in love with Korea’s top actress Chun Song Yi. I had the time of my life laughing to this drama! Chun Song Yi is sooo funny!!!

Main Cast:

Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon

Jun Ji Hyun as Chun Song Yi

Emergency Couple

Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee were once husband and wife. They had a sweet beginning but a very bitter ending to their marriage. Six years after they divorced, they meet again as interns at a hospital.

Main Cast:

Choi Jin Hyuk as Oh Chang Min

Song Ji Hyo as Oh Jin Hee

Sly and Single Again

This is a story of another divorced couple, Cha Jung Woo and Na Ae Ra. Let’s see if their second chance at love will be with each other or with Gook Seung Hyun and Gook Yeo Jin.

Main Cast:

Joo Sang Wook as Cha Jung Woo

Lee Min Jung as Na Ae Ra

Seo Kang Joon as Gook Seung Hyun

Kim Kyu Ri as Gook Yeo Jin